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23 JUL 2021

Global Supply Chain Strategy for Supply of Lubricants

Lubricant’s supply is an interesting concept to deal with. Having worked giant MNCs I had the chance to look at mid-size brands as well as family/group owned brands getting successful in their business models in lubricants supply. So, I was curious as to what is the key to success. Let's discuss.

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19 SEP 2020


It is a very well-known fact that in today’s world space on ground is becoming a rare commodity with heavy price attached to it and one must think of innovative way of utilizing vertical coordinates to explore the solutions demanding more space.

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Strategic Partner

Rosefield Energy Tech Pvt Ltd is an organization founded with the objective of creating an ecosystem for the energy sector. Through various initiatives like Rosefield Masterclass, Rosefield University, Rosefield B2B portal, the founders want to make a difference in the energy sector. The parent company Rosefield DAA international has been founded by experts having core business consulting and facilitating search for business partners in lubricant industry . In short span of 4+ years it has carved out a niche for itself. Learn More.