About Us

BLEND EXCEL has acquired experience in establishing supply chain solutions across the industry, based on their knowledge in offering options in make or purchase decisions in the down-stream oil business, lubricants, preferential buying with industry linked indices and rebates, conducting CAPs (Cost Agility Programs), and cost cutting/optimization using creative industry techniques. 
Our company has also gained experience with green belt 6 sigma to address process flaws that can be addressed and turned into cost-saving opportunities. The organisation also has the capability to map discrete and process industry manufacturing flows into ERP solutions in order to maximise resources and comply with new and revised law


Services Offered


Certifications for ISO – 9001, 14001 & OHSAS 18001.

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Having successfully implemented many innovative lubricants blending solutions to grey as well as green projects of blending lubricants, we can offer a very budget compliant solution..

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Capacity of the lubricants blending plant is a derivative of the filling resources. Just for example a lube oil blending plant build over an area of 30,000 MT sq. mts in 1999 now is capable of producing 225000 MT in 2 shift basis purely on the basis of selection of filling resources with automation that to during plant running operations. .

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Gambit of lubricants blending, filling and packaging solutions.

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Strategic Partner

Rosefield Energy Tech Pvt Ltd is an organization founded with the objective of creating an ecosystem for the energy sector. Through various initiatives like Rosefield Masterclass, Rosefield University, Rosefield B2B portal, the founders want to make a difference in the energy sector. The parent company Rosefield DAA international has been founded by experts having core business consulting and facilitating search for business partners in lubricant industry . In short span of 4+ years it has carved out a niche for itself. Learn More.